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Image by Kirill Balobanov

Third Eye Activation

Leveraging both the Brains

Third Eye Activation Program for the Children


"A Unique technique to activate the hidden power in your Child"

The third Eye Activation program activates the mid-brain and is a scientific process of stimulating the brain. The process intends to achieve a fine balance between the left brain and right brain, and also increase self-awareness. With this children can perform various activities with blindfolded eyes. Along with a child’s growth, the power of his/ her right brain also develops. This program is ideal for children between the ages of 5 and 15. It is difficult, however not impossible, to achieve activation of mid-brain after this age.   This process helps children to increase concentration and develop their personality. The process brings brainwaves below alpha-theta level, which dramatically increases the power of all five senses and children can then perform various activities just through usage of their other senses. Children can identify colors, perform mathematical calculations, color pictures etc, with the help of mental eyes. Children make use of other senses like smell, touch, sound. Children can also ride a bicycle/ walk with eyes closed! 

Advantages of Mid-Brain Activation

  • Dramatically increases the power of all five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch)

  • Achieves a balance between the left and the right brain

  • Develops 6th sense (intuition and self-awareness)

  • Increases memory, concentration, self-confidence, and creativity

  • Increases emotional stability and balance

  • Enables the ability to learn and grasp quickly

  • Makes the learning process fun for both parents and children

  • Develops and increases various intellectual capabilities 

  • Speed reading

Third Eye Activation: Service

Learner was able to read fluently with blindfolded eyes!!

Third Eye Activation: Video
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